Movers in Gwinnett Norcross, GA 30071


You should be serious when choosing your moving company.

Mover and packer service Norcross, GA30071 not only provide a mobile phone number, but also a business address. They are also traveling in their own vehicles with the company logo. An entry in the commercial register provides an important indication of the reliability of a provider.

This is a publicly accessible directory, in which every consumer gets free insight on the Internet Call us and entrust our professional moving service in to your relocation. We would be happy to discuss with you all the options for a worry-free move .Whether we pack or unpack, professionally assemble kitchens, dispose of your old furniture, paint your apartment or attach lamps.

Reputable providers submit signed cost estimates

In the preliminary discussion you can get an idea of ​​whether the moving company looks competent and reliable. At the end you should get a detailed description of services and a signed cost proposal.

If in doubt, it can make sense to have official papers presented – real furniture professionals have no problem identifying themselves as such with certificates.

Anyone who has made their selection and has done business with a moving company should insist on a detailed service description with a fixed price. Hourly bills are usually associated with additional costs. With the total price it should be noted that this is shown including VAT.

  • Transparent terms and conditions and clear liability clauses
  • Conditions
  • The general terms and conditions must also be observed.

Renowned freight forwarders can also be recognized by understandable general terms and conditions (GTC) and clear liability provisions. Contract clauses according to which customers have to pay for minor damage themselves are completely unacceptable. This also applies to liability clauses with deductibles, which are unusual for reputable moving companies.

If you are planning to move, you should not only provide basic information about whether the company is responsible for all damage, but also obtain information about where it is insured before you choose the provider. There are moving companies whose insurers are located abroad. If you want to avoid writing possible damage reports in English to assert your claims, choose a freight forwarder who is insured in this country.

Packing is the most important work for the actual transport. Mover and packer service Norcross, GA30071 tackles the matter professionally. The packers know how to do it. Everything is ideally packaged. There are two options:  The trained and experienced Krug packers take on this time-consuming, arduous and responsible task, or you pack the unbreakable or less valuable things yourself. For inexperienced people in particular, the work often takes more time than expected. If you run out of time, call your moving advisor in good time to send packers so that the dates for your move can be met.

Pack service

Would you like to save yourself stress and prefer to hire a specialist to pack your furniture and household items? Very smart! Not only do we have experienced specialists who know the right packaging tricks, but we usually pack an average household in just one day. With the packer teams from you not only save time but also money by avoiding damage caused by moving.

Wrapping porcelain and dishes

This is how packs your removal goods: light break points such as handles and spouts from jugs and terrines must be protected with particular care.

Rolls of wrapping paper are wrapped around the spout and handle. The lids of jugs are removed, first individually and then packed again with the main part as a unit. Plate pads should always be larger than the diameter of the plate. The bottom layer is wrapping paper and pad. This is followed alternately by plates and pads. No piece of porcelain may come into direct contact with the other.

The plates are placed upright in a porcelain box. A porcelain box is well packed when the individual units are tight (but not too tight!) In the box and the individual objects cannot hit. Would you like to check your packed box again?

Lift it up and shake it gently. If the content sounds like porcelain, the box should be checked again. Wine and other bottles are packed in bottle sleeves and / or bottle boxes with the honeycomb inserted. Packaging of glass: Glasses are first packed in pads and then in wrapping paper and stowed upright in porcelain boxes. The areas between two layers of glasses are padded with packing paper.

Mover and packer service Norcross, GA30071 also offer an unpacking service. We take empty moving boxes and packaging materials back with us after unpacking or we arrange a pick-up date with you