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How does moving company help in shifting products

All items should be packaged so that they will not be damaged during storage, preparation for shipment, or delivery to the buyer to pose a safety hazard. Products should be packaged in a solid hexahedral box or a secure air cap to prevent any product exposure. Commercial moving in Lakeland service will do this for you.

All items that require special care are included in this category. Fragile merchandise must be packaged so that it will not be damaged during the normal receiving, storing, and shipping processes. Therefore, pack it in a safe cardboard box that will withstand impact and drops. All items that are shipped as individual items to the buyer must be packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Here are some related points:

  • Vibration test and drop test
  • For items that are easily damaged, you recommend performing a package test.
  • Do not make collision noise when the contents move inside the package.
  • If there are multiple products in the package, do not damage them due to collision between products

Other packing precautions

When shipping books, CDs, and DVDs using the FBA, it is not permitted to use air caps, air pads, or other packaging materials that interfere with product identification. This rule does not apply to official bonus items or set items.

Place textile items such as plush toys and dolls, clothing and fashion accessories, and items in lidless boxes in boxes with lids or plastic bags to avoid dirt and damage during shipping.

Ensure that the item is completely covered in a plastic bag, protected by shrink film, and in a box. The surface of the product should not be exposed. Packaging with kitchen wrap is not allowed. Residential moving in Lakeland service will made this easy for you.

There should be no space in the package. There should be no more than a 10 cm gap between the product and the outer packaging box.

If the box cannot be closed during shipping, place it in a plastic bag or tape the lid.

Wrap the product itself or fill the gaps in the box with cushioning material to prevent it from moving inside the box.

For packages that contain multiple items, wrap all items individually to prevent the items from colliding and damaging each other within the package.

For products with multiple parts, body, and lid, etc., each part will be individually wrapped. Consider using a divider that separates each part within the package.

If you are packing a heavy item or the strength of the outer box is not sufficient to protect it, please provide additional packaging to protect the outside.

Optimize your supply chain

Whether you’re looking for the world or looking for a specialist logistics company, you’ll find the experienced staff, a network of offices around the world, and industry expertise you need to ensure optimal product handling, transportation, and delivery. There is none. As a standard practice, such as frequent confirmation of received shipments, safety system of preparation and delivery procedures, same day or next day delivery to all domestic destinations.

Warehouse storage distribution centre

In addition to logistics centre work and warehouse storage work, you provide storage solutions that meet customer needs from small to large scale with total operations from procurement to temporary storage, logistics processing, picking, sorting work, shipping to delivery. Long distance moving in Lakeland service helps you in shifting.

Survey background

Individual products sold by the company are packed in plastic bags when they are finished at the factory and delivered to our service centre in cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes from factories often arrive in a damaged or open condition. This exposes the finished product to damage, such as dust and moisture.

The plastic bag prevents the product from becoming dirty or damaged during the route to the factory, to the service centre, and during storage, operation, and packaging in the service centre. Also, a plastic bag keeps the product clean during storage at wholesale and retail stores.

Product protection at each stage of the supply chain is essential. Currently, the company does not impose any specific requirements on the size and type of plastic bags used in the factory, and the plastic bags used do not contain recycled materials. And despite the functionality of plastic bags, many customers and employees see it as waste.