Movers in Henry McDonough, GA 30252


Reason to hire qualified Packers and Relocation Company

Moving often turns out to be a painful headache: you spend days living in boxes, not to mention the risk of damaging furniture and other important objects. Some of our goods require special attention and handling. All these reasons, and many more – the urge for a simple and efficient move, lack of time and fatigue, for example – motivate our clients to choose a turnkey move. The benefits and services included for this type of move are numerous. We provides different types of services like packing, unpacking, storage etc. in many countries Henry ‎McDonough, GA 30252 for example.

Movers puts you in touch with moving companies that meet your specific needs and budget (tailor-made). This service includes the complete management of your move: from packaging, cleaning, through the positioning and assembly of furniture.

  • Residential move
  • Commercial moving
  • Long distance move
  • Local moving
  • International moving
  • Small move, a few pieces
  • Commercial transport service
  • RV, Trailer & Fifth Wheel Transport
  • Commercial vehicle transport

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The main services included in a 5-star moving package.

Free estimate by appointment (offered by certain partners)

We are aware that moving represents an important step for you or your business. The professional who travels to your home or to the premises of your business precisely assesses your needs as well as the cost and time required for the move. He also learns about your concerns, answers your questions and explains each step of the move in Henry ‎McDonough, GA 30252.

His visit allows you to better know the process to which your goods will be subjected. Everything, free and without obligation on your part, applies equally to local, long distance, residential and commercial moves.

Packing and unpacking of your goods

On the day of the move, at the time you have set, the moving team will start packing your entire goods. A move is an all-inclusive service: dishes, toys, books, furniture, chairs, etc. You have nothing to prepare! Our company also offer the unpacking service.

According to your requests and your concerns, professional movers use the right methods as well as equipment adapted to the handling and protection of your goods against the risks of transport and possible bad weather. Blankets, bubble wrap, protective cardboard, etc. are part of the equipment of our Movers.


Loading, transport and unloading of your goods at destination

Our top movers offer much more than just transporting your goods. Most trucks from our companies are equipped with GPS: you can follow the movement of the truck and locate your goods during transport.

The network of companies of our movers includes only companies that respect the laws and all of the territories covered during the move, thus leaving you with peace of mind as to the vagaries of a legal nature.

Furniture assembly: save time and energy

Too often assembling furniture is a real headache. Our moving services offered by our movers include the possibility of assembling your furniture — bedroom furniture, bookcases, decorative elements, hanging rods, etc.

Cleaning your old or new home

We provide several cleaning services: you can entrust them with cleaning your old home, preparing your new one, or both! Many companies use products that are suitable for cleaning different surfaces: walls, floors, windows, ceilings, furniture, etc.

Short or long term storage

If necessary, our company offer storage services. Several options are available to ensure the safe storage of your goods: dimensions of the storage space, possibility of heating, surveillance, etc.

Insurance: guarantee of a reliable and professional move

Before the day of the move, ask the company to which you have entrusted your move to provide you with a copy of the insurance contract protecting your property in the event of breakage, loss or other risks inherent in the move. Also check that the amount awarded for civil liability covers all possible risks. You should refers to moving companies protected by reliable insurance plans and ensures that the amounts awarded for civil liability are sufficient.

Moving supplies and accessories

If necessary, some companies offer packages that include moving supplies: small and large boxes, briefcases, hanging boxes, adhesive tape, and blankets, bubble wrap, etc. The package includes moving supplies: you don’t have to worry about anything, professional movers, are committed to moving you well All valuables (jewellery, car key, administrative papers) will preferably be kept by the client. Another important point, for a move larger than 20 m3, the moving teams come the day before for the preparations.