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Your Best Move with the Professional Mover

With us, a budget breakup loses its horror. A household breakup presents many people with unexpected problems. After all, clearing out is not exactly one of the tasks that have to be done on a daily basis or with pleasure. In such a situation, contacting experienced experts in this area is definitely a good idea.

The Mover and packer service Marietta, GA30064is ready. Because we not only take on removals throughout region and the dismantling and assembly of furniture, but also the professional removal of bulky waste. Based on our many years of experience, we know exactly what to look out for when disposing of it.

You can also rely on our tried-and-tested concept when clearing out the house or breaking up the household. You can expect from us

  • Reliability
  • Expertise
  • Comprehensive
  • Advice
  • pricing

So when it comes to the professional and affordable disposal of bulky from private or business environments, the packer team in is the right place for you. Come to us and let us advise you free of charge.


A new apartment, a new house or office places new demands on your household goods. It is often the case that the new apartment is cut differently. As a result, the beloved kitchen may no longer fit. We adapt your kitchen (no matter whether old or new) to the new space requirements, transport it and install the kitchen according to your wishes or in the new home. In addition, the fitters close their water and electricity connections and attach their lamps properly.

Most closets are bulky to carry through the narrow hallways of an apartment. Our employees are always equipped with professional tools to be able to cleanly dismantle and reassemble furniture.

We can also assemble and disassemble custom-made furniture that was made for you by a carpenter with the help of an experienced carpenter. No matter whether you need kitchen installation, living room construction, bathroom installation, installation of electrical appliances: we offer all of this!

Let Mover and packer service Marietta, GA30064 experts advise you on a free viewing appointment. Then we can create and send you an individual offer.

We have everything you need for your move

In order for your valuable favorite items to arrive safely and safely in your new home when you move, you need the right moving boxes, foils and blankets. Of course, you can also get all of this from us, the experts for fast and inexpensive removals.

With these materials and with our expert advice and help, your move will be easy, even if everything weighs heavily. Take a look at what we have to offer in our company. We look forward to you!


Before a move or when the household is closed, the time has come to part with many things that have accumulated over time. As experienced clearers, the experts of the furniture packer team will be happy to help and advise you. Everything that you no longer need is professionally disposed of by us.

An old piece of furniture that no longer finds a place in the new apartment, or clothing that no one has worn for a long time; there are many reasons to deal with the issue of clearing out. We are happy to help you get rid of your old things quickly and easily

Your piano transport ourselves

Sometimes special efforts are necessary to achieve a goal. This also applies to the transport of valuable antiques or special pieces of furniture.

A piano transport is not a task that has to be dealt with on the side. Fortunately, with the packer team there are experienced professionals who are very familiar with such transports. We take care that your expensive antiques and musical instruments arrive safely and safely at their destination. We treat everything you entrust to us with the greatest care and care. Even if we sometimes have to drag it along quite a bit.

Your move with the Mover and packer service Marietta, GA30064

PRECIOUS ANTIQUES AREin the best hands with us

No matter how heavy your furniture may be, we can do it. We bring heavy pieces of furnitureand everything else that weighs more than 100 kilos, reliably from A to B. You can always rely on that. To find out how we organize such a transport or if you have any other questions about your move, you can simply call us in .