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8 mistakes you must avoid before selecting packers and movers

Have you decided to use the removal and packer service to relocate your home? If so, it’s best to avoid some of the common mistakes beginners make and regret it. Inappropriate plans that don’t compare moving quotes or ignore insurance can cause discomfort and frustration when hiring motors and packers. See the most common, but serious mistakes that are worth avoiding when hiring movers and packers in Henry Locust, GA 30248.

Pack in a big box

When packing personal items, do not use large boxes. Large boxes are too heavy for one person to lift and are more likely to break during the change process. This is the main reason movers use medium-sized boxes (typically 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 feet in size) to pack small items but we don’t do this. Therefore, if you order a carry-in box from your mover, consider only medium-sized boxes and say the number of boxes you need accordingly.

Forget to mention plants during the date

Plants are one of the most neglected items, but people discuss the engine and item list during the list process. If you have more than 5-7 plants, please state this when making your reservation. Moving plants is overwhelming task, especially as plants need special attention like regular watering and pots are very fragile. In addition, plants can’t be placed on top of other items, and they can’t be placed on top of them, so they take up a lot of space on the moving truck. You may need a larger mobile van to house your plant.

Forget that your Tommy needs to move too

Often, people traveling from one city to another receive quotes for the transportation of household items and cars, but most often forget that their loved pets cannot travel with them. Our packers and transporters can arrange pet transfers only if notified in advance during the listing process. You can also hire a pet escort to take care of your pet during transit.

Packing of explosives and combustibles

Please note that explosives and combustibles cannot be transported on a moving truck. By doing this, you may endanger yourself and your household items. Most people are unaware of the process of moving a gas cylinder when moving to another city. Gas cylinders can be delivered in the city of origin and new emissions can be requested in the city of destination. If you have firearms or similar sensitive items, we recommend that you carry them or provide the moving company with the necessary documentation.

Move box without proper label

Using a systematic labelling process for all household items is essential. This saves time when restoring things in a new home. Otherwise you end up with a stack of cardboard boxes, all in one room and you don’t know where it is. You can use a variety of labelling processes, such as numbering, inventory lists, room colour coding, and adhesive labels. Even simple markers can save you hours of valuable time in your new home. It’s Mover’s job to prepare the markers and stickers, but it’s best to start this process even before the engine arrives.

Don’t budget for taxes and insurance as part of your travel costs

Calculating charges for packers and carriers is a complex part. Service taxes, insurance and other tolls and taxes combined can account for up to 35% of total travel costs. So when you’re getting quotes from various packers and movers in Henry Locust, GA 30248, make sure you get a quote that includes everything without hidden charges.

Do not determine insurance ratings for all items

When traveling long distances, most people prefer to take out insurance and therefore have to declare their respective values ​​for furniture, electronics and other personal belongings individually. This evaluation process can take up to 45 minutes or more on the day of your move. It is prudent to take the time to determine these assessments before moving. This also helps save insurance costs. As with the day of moving, you may be doing a lot of things when packing and loading, resulting in false insurance assessments and eventually getting high insurance that you can’t claim.

Please do not take the moving paperwork seriously

Normally, three documents will arrive and be delivered at the loading point. All household items are packaged and loaded onto a moving truck. These documents are a fare invoice, a list of items, and a copy of the invoice. Documents should be kept safe and should be remembered when traveling to a new city. The fare invoice proves that you have delivered your valuable household items to the moving company. It also contains the shipping address and contact number used for shipping purposes.