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Choose the moving company for full care

Removals is a moving company based in Brussels and which has years of experience in low-cost moving and with a high quality of service . We provide national and international moving services for individuals, a furniture storage rental service with boxes for temporarily storing belongings, but also a lift service to allow your large furniture to be taken out or brought in. security outside your apartment. We can in particular move for national removals and international removals.

So if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for your move, no problem! Call on Mover and packer service Lithonia, GA30038 and you will benefit from a professional moving service and various formulas guaranteeing the security of your property before, during and after the move.

Why should you consider hiring a professional mover like Mover and packer service ?

Moving from one house to another marks an important step in your life. Then, moving can be hectic, both in terms of organization and emotions. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to hire a professional Mover and packer service Lithonia, GA30038. At Mover and packer service , we offer full support for your moving process. We have the means and the desire to facilitate your life and your redevelopment process. Here are all the advantages you will enjoy by hiring our team of professional movers who will take care of the loading and unloading of your belongings.

Your business will be safe

With the help of Mover and packer service , your personal belongings, furniture and fragile items will be safe. The company will provide you with the personnel necessary to pack, load and unload your goods quickly and with the utmost care . They will use safe packaging material (bubble wrap, wrapping paper, mattress house, etc.). We take full responsibility if something breaks. We offer a fast moving service, but one that remains completely secure.

No object will be forgotten

You may not have thought this through, but do you know how many boxes are needed to pack and protect all of your stuff? Well, at Mover and packer service , we assure you that each of your belongings is packed in a suitable moving box. Our company will provide the right packaging cardboard for fragile items such as antiques, works of art and many unique items that require special packaging.

You will save money on your move

You might think that hiring a professional mover is an expensive service. Think of all the boxes you will need to buy , the rental of a moving truck, and the people you will need to hire to transport all of your moving boxes, without the help of a certified moving agency. All these expenses will cost you more than what you will have to pay by entrusting your move to Mover and packer service . We offer affordable moving kits that meet all needs.

You benefit from a high-end moving service

When you do your own packing, it is very likely that you will break a few items in the process. Furthermore, if you decide to use the full service of moving assistance of Mover and packer service , we will take care of your business with the utmost care and organization of the whole process, from packaging to unpacking, including by transport When you hire a professional mover like Mover and packer service, you can count on excellent time management. Indeed, we are constantly communicating with you throughout the process. We are professionals, and we do not leave until your boxes have been unpacked and stored properly in your new home.

Help you with your move

What moving services do we offer?

At Mover and packer service, we offer several services and several formulas to satisfy all needs and suit all budgets. In summary, here is the path of our service: packaging, transport and unpacking. Moreover, although the move for individuals, we are also comfortable with the corporate relocation and move offices.

Packing your stuff

If most people are afraid to move, it is because of the fear of packing. If you prefer not to make that much effort, contact the moving company Mover and packer service. As professional movers, we offer a packaging and card boarding service designed to save you time and reduce your stress.

Whether your accommodation is a small apartment or a large house, our team will be at your disposal to help you organize a move. We have the equipment and skills to ensure that your stuff is packed securely. We take special care to protect the furniture. What sets us apart from other moving companies is our detailed tracking system that keeps an eye on your belongings.