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Moving: A challenge for the couple

A move can quickly become a real challenge for the couple, whether you are a new couple, whether it’s been five years or even ten years of relationship! Organization, choice of parts, storage and sorting of belongings, it is one of the major stages source of stress, disagreements and disputes. Here are our tips to help you better experience your move as a couple:

Impact of moving on couple’s life

The first source of disagreement when you move in pairs can be the great lack of organization you can demonstrate. So that your move takes place in the best conditions between you and your spouse, form a team and find the balance that suits you. It would be a shame to stop at the first difficulty encountered, right? The trick is communication! Discuss together and find suitable compromises for two.

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Each of you will need to know the tasks you will have to perform. To do this, prepare a plan together and thus plan the tasks that each will have to perform. If one of you is more involved in the preparation of this move than the other, this will only add additional tension. Favor the sharing of responsibilities and get involved both!

Do you need extra arms and disagree on who to contact and don’t want to manage a team of broken arms? The best in this situation and for a better organization, is to use qualified movers. Yes, this represents a certain budget, but in the event of a problem, you are insured and moving will be much easier.

Sorting business before moving

Some of your objects or furniture can be subject to conflict, and one of you refuses to let go. Sorting effectively before moving means making concessions on what everyone is ready to keep or leave, first think about the state of wear of the objects, or a guarantee that is still running. Make a deal and be conciliatory, your spouse will do the same.

So if you accept that he or she keeps an object that you find useless for your future accommodation, accept. This piece of furniture or this object may have a special sentimental value for your spouse. In return, he or she will do the same for you.

Ask yourself the right questions and ask yourself if the object or piece of furniture in question that one of you wishes to keep will have its place in your new accommodation, in the middle of a new decoration.

Little tip:  Consider making a sketch with the location of the furniture in your new home. This will make your task easier and above all obtain concrete information on their adaptation to their new environment. It also lets you know if you should leave some furniture behind or go out and buy new furniture.

If you have questions about how to sort your business efficiently, see our article on this subject: A move is the opportunity to sort your business!

Preparing the boxes for the move

Moving in together

Because a move is preparing for two, there is no question that you do this preparation alone. There is often a tendency to minimize this task and not realize the extent of the work. To avoid delaying preparations and risking forgetting important things, everyone must get their hands dirty! Remember that two wise looks are better than one.

Just contact to Mover and packer service ‎Fayetteville, GA30215 and they do for you all like Distribute the rooms of your accommodation fairly according to your desires and the time available, make categories and pack your belongings according to their destination room. This will save you time during unpacking. To help you prepare the boxes, find our article on our little packaging tips.

Small tip:  Write on the cardboard the name of the room where it must be brought by the movers, this will facilitate unpacking. Do not forget to report the boxes containing fragile objects.

Make choices together

A move is a bit like a new start, a new life for your couple. There is nothing worse when one of you cannot say anything or cannot make your own choices concerning the layout of your accommodation. Be careful not to appropriate the layout and decoration, this is the best way to give birth to reproaches. Always remember to make your choices together and to solicit the other so that each finds its place.

But it can be more easy and comfortable if you dialogue with Mover and packer service ‎Fayetteville, GA30215 and stay happy and enjoy your time.