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 Always With You in Your Moving Plan

If desired, Mover and packer service Ellenwood, GA30294 can help you pack furniture, transport it to your new home and unpack it there. If you take a look at the local business directory and the local newspaper or search the internet for moving companies, you will quickly find that the selection is difficult to understand. Cheap offers with extremely cheap flat rates should be taboo, because they involve risks.

Anyone who gets involved with such dumping provider’s runs the risk of conflicting with the law due to undeclared work or receiving subsequent invoices for alleged additional services. Reputable providers, on the other hand, calculate all additional services and offer a free viewing appointment to view the goods to be moved and to be able to realistically assess the costs.

If you organize the move yourself, you not only need a van, but also a team of strong and dedicated helpers. Not everyone wants or can rely on friends and colleagues. Doesn’t matter – Mover and packer service Ellenwood, GA30294 can also be done without help from family or friends. And without an expensive shipping company.

Mover and packer service Ellenwood, GA30294 provides

  • Mediation also possible at short notice
  • Arrange furniture packers

The advantage for the customer

Mover and packer service Ellenwood, GA30294 can be hired at short notice if necessary, the moving helpers have experience from numerous assignments, and you only pay as much labor as is actually required. This also works for nationwide removals, and then other helpers are deployed on site. Many furniture packer brokers also offer other services when changing residence. Craftsmen, drivers and renovation helpers are available. Upon request, the agent or a partner company can also take care of the rental of a van, take care of moving boxes.

Another tip: keep your furniture packers happy. Plan breaks and provide food and drinks. This means that the furniture arrives safely and reliably in the new apartment at the end of the day.

The specially organized move – create a checklist

When moving, many important things have to be considered. So that nothing is forgotten, it is advisable to create a checklist, which is then processed chronologically.

The first preparations include the creation of a cost plan. This helps to keep an overview of the finances. In addition, it is advisable to organize helpers or furniture packers from a circle of friends or a moving company at an early stage, since friends can adjust to the appointment and the company can clarify whether there is still capacity available for the planned moving date.

If the move is to be taken over entirely by a company, this should be commissioned. Mover and packer service Ellenwood, GA30294 then take care of stowing the household items. If the move is done alone, it makes sense to reserve a van. About a month before the move, the moving company should register with the bank, the electricity supplier, employers, doctors and others.

If the move is due in one to two weeks, enough moving boxes and materials should be organized. Furniture can be dismantled and boxes can be packed.

On the day of the move, the van is either picked up or the moving company arrives. A furniture layout plan makes work easier for helpers and furniture packers, but is not absolutely necessary.

Explanations of where each box and furniture belongs may be enough. If the handover of the apartment takes place on the same day, the handover protocol should be completed together with the landlord. A receipt for proper processing is recommended. But we our service, we take care all of these issues.

Tools and material required on the day of the move

Tools and various materials are important when moving and should always be nearby. Sack carts are particularly suitable for a better transport of boxes and furniture. If larger items, such as a washing machine, need to be carried, furniture packers can secure them with lashing straps.

In addition, the cargo of the transporter can be secured with lashing straps so that it does not slip while driving.

A tool box, drill, cordless screwdriver and others are essential for a move and should not be forgotten under any circumstances. Little helpers such as tape, scissors, garbage bags or pens prove to be particularly practical and are mostly used. So that nothing is forgotten, a material checklist should be drawn up in addition to the moving checklist. Mover and packer service Ellenwood, GA30294 having all essential tool and always happy to provide service.