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VIP Move Service Just for You

Would you like to change your place of residence undetected and unobtrusive? Then with moving logistics you are in the best hands. We move you – discreetly, anonymously and first class. Our discreet specialist staff ensures a perfect move out of the spotlight and without press coverage, at any time and anywhere. Decide on a VIP move with, Mover and packer serviceDuluth, GA30097take care of the rest.

It is particularly important for people in the spotlight to protect their privacy. Our prominent customers want to decide for themselves what becomes public. Moving to a new place of residence is usually not one of them. With moving logistics you can not only rely on absolute discretion, but also on first-class service.

Move undetected

For our exclusive customers from the sports, film, music and media industries, we offer an all-round service away from the gossip and public attention. This includes moving at night, security personnel and also very short-term service. Our trained furniture makers are bound to discretion and can transport your removal goods in neutral or non-branch-labeled trucks if so desired. We are already professionals when it comes to the careful handling of your valuable moving goods such as works of art, antiques or books. With , you can not only rely on a smooth and stress-free move, but also on an absolutely discreet move.

All-round service

Mover and packer serviceDuluth, GA30097offer includes all-round services such as relocation services and packing and unpacking services. With us, you can say goodbye to the stress of moving. We take care of the rest. Upon customer request, we will be happy to provide security and multilingual staff. We efficiently relieve you of your move so that you can move into your new apartment in a relaxed and undetected manner.

Mover and packer service Duluth, GA30097offer the following services for our VIP removals:

  • Moving with furniture box vehicles without company imprint
  • Employees without company clothing
  • Trained and discreet specialist staff with a police clearance certificate
  • Moving at the weekend and in the evening / at night
  • All-round service for “turnkey” removals including packing and unpacking according to your specifications
  • Relocation services (dealing with authorities regarding passport and vehicle documents, vaccination appointments, setting up bank accounts, insurance service)
  • Transfer of cars, vintage cars, boats, yachts, motorcycles
  • Professional packaging (full emblaze) and treatment of valuable furniture, antiques and works of art
  • Professional transport and treatment of animals
  • Professional security transports (money, valuables, art)
  • Transport insurance at replacement value
  • Security guards
  • Obtaining all necessary permits
  • Craftsman service for the new and old property
  • Final cleaning including sanitary facilities and windows for the new and old property
  • Refurbishment of furniture before moving in
  • Storage of your moving goods in air-conditioned storage rooms
  • Transport of the goods to be moved without the presence of the customer

First-class service and discretion for your VIP move can be found at Contact us! We are always there for you – 365 days a year!

Art forwarding

Mover and packer service Duluth, GA30097 carry out art transports nationally and internationally.  As a confer relocation partner, we have our competent partners in art logistics worldwide. Whether individual transport or complex collection movements that are handled nationally or internationally, our trained employees are always prepared for new challenges. We offer professional art transport for your particular work of art, pack and secure it professionally, transport it in our modern and air-sprung furniture trolley and deliver it to your destination again according to your wishes.

Art transports

Mover and packer serviceDuluth, GA30097. We move art. Paintings, sculptures, art goods or irreplaceable values ​​of any kind, each object is treated individually and extremely discreetly. In close cooperation with the owners, commissioned art experts or restorers, the packaging systems, handling and logistical processes, including transport and storage, are planned and, if necessary, monitored throughout the entire process.

Choosing the right packaging is the be-all and end-all of any art move. There is also a large selection of packaging and materials for a wide variety of objects that are moved during an art move. Climate boxes, art boxes, sculpture crates and specially made packaging are part of our special equipment.

Art relocation

Art removals are a special area in the moving industry. Only a few moving companies specializing in this can offer this service. Without precise specialist knowledge, a safe transport of art objects, antiques and great values ​​cannot be carried out.