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Upholstered furniture is protected from dirt by using plastic or fabric covers. Mattresses are packed in mattress boxes. Mattresses and carpets must never be kinked. For oversized mattresses, two boxes are put one inside the other. Pillows and blankets are packed in protective covers.

Do you want to pack personal things yourself?

Upon request, Mover and packer service‎Douglasville, GA30134 can supply you with enough moving material, such as books, moving boxes, packing tissue paper, bubble wrap and much more, before moving. The most important tips from the professionals: pack the boxes not too full and not too heavy, heavy things down, like to like and label everything!

An overview of Mover and packer service‎Douglasville, GA30134 services for pick-up and delivery services:

  • Inspection of your goods to be stored
  • Creation of a binding offer
  • Delivery of suitable packaging for storage
  • If necessary, packing service for sensitive goods or unpacking service
  • Collection and delivery of your stored goods
  • Also nationally and internationally in additional cargo traffic or as a single trip
  • Collection in a suitable storage container, e.g. in a swap body
  • Disposal / recycling of what is no longer usable

Regardless of whether you want to collect or deliver just a few items or an entire household, we removals will solve your transport problems!

Relocators often need help planning their move. Mover and packer service‎Douglasville, GA30134can help and also save time and money. Most people who move only understand that moving means the transport of furniture and objects from A to B. They often hide the organization around moving. We therefore offer you our extensive and professional moving service for your move. Our moving portfolio is always up to date and is constantly being expanded and improved. Moving is always associated with moving-specific tasks,

When moving, everything has to be thought of fromMover and packer service‎Douglasville, GA30134 offers moving offers for moving services of all kinds. We are specialists for moving in -wide removals and overseas removals.

Before the actual move, there are many tasks for which we are already prepared. Forwarding requests, hazardous waste disposal, piano transports, truck transports. We are professionals in the dismantling and addition of furniture, additional loads, customs regulations and much more.

With We, you can move easily, quickly and easily within Europe. Should anything be repaired before you move? Are you moving abroad and don’t know the local customs regulations? Or are you missing certain permits? We take care of them. Give us a call! We advise you and go through your move planning step by step.

Move with the professionals

An individual move tailored only to you. However, if you want a simple classic move, then we are the right furniture shipper in Hamburg and your contact person. We advise you with experienced specialists on site or online. We prepare you for your move and you decide how it should go. Do you need a piano transport? A small moving load? Or should your entire house move? We have the right devices, the right partners and the right contacts for every possible moving situation.

We are happy to help you with:

  • Private move
  • Employee relocation
  • Office move
  • Relocation
  • storage
  • Archiving of files
  • Furniture distribution
  • Artisan service
  • Disposal
  • cleaning service
  • Assembly
  • insurance
  • Outside elevator

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Our quality seal is checked annually and the strict performance requirements are regularly checked. Thanks to consistent and constant training of our staff, we can deliver officially certified quality removals. This is important to us because only satisfied customers are long-term customers. Quality is the main competitive factor, if not the decisive one. We have globally recognized proof of quality capability and are certified

Guarantees good moving companies

Good moves are guaranteed with us! Wondering where can I find a good moving company and

Every moving project begins with professional advice. Moving logistics, this means that a qualified and experienced moving consultant comes to your home for a free on-site visit.

Good service guaranteed

Whatever task you entrust to us for your move, we will deliver the service that suits you individually.