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How do you find suitable packer and mover service?

Moving on your own requires, in addition to detailed planning and a sufficiently large van or truck, active furniture packers, Furniture packer who carry the moving boxes and furniture. In the best case, friends, colleagues and family members will help out. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to access a pool of private moving helpers. With professional furniture packers, a change of residence can still be carried out professionally without using the services of a moving company .

In addition to furniture transport, these specialists also offer the assembly and dismantling of furniture and other handicraft activities. Furthermore, the organization of no-hold zones for the moving day and the delivery and collection of moving boxes are part of the range of services offered by many full-time furniture carriers.

In this article from you will find out, on the one hand, what needs to be considered when looking for a furniture packer for your move, what are the advantages and disadvantages of private and professional moving helpers and, furthermore, how expensive freelance furniture packers are.

How do you find suitable furniture packers?

In addition to relocation computers, various relocation tips and useful information for re-registering, there are also numerous websites on the Internet where customers rate the relocation service of furniture packers in Munich and other cities. For example, are you looking for furniture packers from cheap moving companies in? Find out easily online which moving helpers work particularly well, which are less recommended and which other moving tips other customers have for you.

By comparing the services of furniture packers in Dacula and elsewhere, you will ideally save a lot of money when moving, which you can use, for example, to set up your new premises.

you will find a professional moving company for a change of residence in the Dacula area. We provide you with numerous solutions for an uncomplicated and pleasant move. Our full service offer includes comprehensive advice. In addition to the reliable transport of your moving goods, we also carry out professional assembly work and installations. And in the event of a move abroad, we take care of the complete planning, transport and all work on site – including all important customs formalities. Contact our Mover and packer service ‎Dacula, GA30019.

Choose your individual move:

Self packer move

Do it yourself

Do you like to tackle it yourself and do your own work? Then our do-it-yourself package will meet you when you move. You decide what you want to do yourself – we support you with the rest. For example, we provide professional packaging and take care of the transport of the boxes you have packed in our modern trucks.

Moving with furniture trolleys

Basic move

From packing and unpacking to first furniture assembly at your new home. The basic move takes care of the most important and tedious work steps for you: loading and unloading the goods to be moved, loading in the truck and transport. We have already taken over most of the move for you.

Full service move

Full service move of Mover and packer service ‎Dacula, GA30019

If you really want to move “turnkey”, you can rely on our full service when moving. We leave your new home in such a way that you can start living immediately. All assemblies and installations are done. Your fitted kitchen is assembled and fully functional. And all rooms are perfectly cleaned.

Our services

Advice and planning

  • Visit by our customer advisor, free of charge on first visit
  • Professional planning of the move
  • Inventory of the goods to be moved
  • Application for no- hold zones
  • For overseas and overseas moves: All formalities are taken over
  • Transport insurance

Preparation for transport to the old apartment

  • Provision of moving boxes and other packaging materials
  • Special packaging for high-quality glasses, paintings, instruments, etc.
  • Packing me with respect and care by trained packing masters
  • Packing service with a system
  • Transport of pianos possible
  • Proper disassembly of the furniture by our own carpenter
  • Professional removal of electronics and plumbing

Loading and unloading of vehicles and transport

  • Use of external elevators for the gentle loading and unloading of your furniture
  • Loading of transport vehicles

Working at the new place of residence

  • Unpacking service
  • Assembly and dowel work for cupboards, beds, fitted kitchen, curtains etc.
  • Electrical installations for lamps, connections etc.
  • Kitchen assembly and carpentry work for changes

Storage option

  • Interim storage or long-term storage of your furniture in a safe container system

Other services

  • Cleaning and final cleaning of the property
  • Disposal in accordance with the environmental guidelines