Movers in Barrow Bethlehem, GA 30620


Tips for picking professional packers and movers

There are millions of movements each year, and it’s a small miracle that most of them run smoothly and smoothly. Of course, it is essential to use a quality movement. But even with so many smooth moves, fraud and bad habits occur. You are interested in being informed about each step in the process. Here are different ways to hire a moving team.

1. Portable inventory

An authorized moving company will check the inventory of all your belongings and determine the amount and weight of the moving. The quoter is comprehensive and should check all storage locations such as cabinets, drawers, garages, shelves, etc. Most of the moving company’s prices are based on the weight of the luggage and the space occupied by the goods in the truck. Please understand this quote and make sure it is as accurate as possible.

2. Get the full tour

Estimators who take a quick tour without realizing what they are trying to move are out of place. A good evaluator will ask you what to bring from your current home to the next. So make sure you’re ready to tell the estimator what you don’t want in your truck (gifts, charitable donations, garage sale, and return to new owners).

3. Do not pay large deposit

Our reputable movers do not take cash or large deposits before moving in Barrow Bethlehem, GA 30620. Please only pay by cash on delivery. If you pay in advance, you have no control over when your belongings reappear. When making payments, please use a credit card to protect yourself from possible fraud.

4. Do not rename and move company

Some companies avoid being rated by the Better Business Bureau by doing business under different names. Make sure the company has a local address and information about licenses and insurance. The employee must answer the call with the full company name. Check to see if your company has other names that are “business partners” and state and federal license numbers. Search online for any complaints about the company.

5. Avoid packing costs

If you pack your luggage yourself, moving companies are generally not responsible for any damage incurred. However, if the packaging takes place on the move, you can pay a high price for the boxes and packaging, as well as time and effort. If you use the package services, ask about the packer’s experience. Most packers are careful, but you would like to avoid the possibility of someone throwing something they can into a box and sealing it with little concern for breakage.

6. Please note the additional charges

Do you live in a two-story house or move to another house? If moving to or from an apartment on the 10th floor, there may be an additional charge for negotiated removal of stairs and elevators. Are there narrow streets that don’t fit the truck you’re traveling on? There is an additional charge for packages shipped in small trucks for delivery. Always ask your moving company for any additional charges applicable in your situation in Barrow Bethlehem, GA.

7. Avoid empty mobile contracts

Do not sign a blank contract. Get everything in writing. You must include the moving company’s quote and additional charges, pickup and delivery dates. Please read the contract and make sure all your belongings are listed. If your laptop is not tagged on the inventory form that you sign before the driver departs, you can’t expect it to be in the box on arrival. No claim can be made for items not listed in the inventory list.

8. Do not accept “guaranteed” quotes

There are three types of mobile contracts.

A non-binding quote on a contract means that the company cannot claim more than 10% of the original quote. Overage must be paid within 30 days after delivery.

A non-binding quote that exceeds the contract eliminates the need to pay an overage on the original quote. The quote is the maximum amount you have to pay for the services offered.

A binding quote for your contract is to be a guaranteed price of transfers and all surcharges and services.

9. Report a problem

It takes 9 months to report the issue to the moving company and file a claim. So if you find a piece of glass when opening the box a year later, you’re out of luck. On the day of your move, open each box and inspect it for damage. Before you sign, please note that there is a problem with your copy of the moving company’s bill of lading. Your moving company has 30 days to confirm receipt of your claim. You must refuse the claim or offer to pay within 120 days of receipt.