Movers in DeKalb Avondale Est, GA 30002


Services of loaders for moving an apartment, office

Assistance in the organization of turnkey relocation is our main activity. Mover and packer service Avondale Estates, GA30002are ready to carry out the movement and transportation of a large office, warehouse, retail outlet, a huge country house or apartment.

Now, during the rapid development of construction, frequent relocations and even some kind of purchases, a service is in demand – transportation of various goods. Most of them are very capricious to transportation, the quality of transportation should be at their best.

What cannot be said about many of the current freight transportation companies. They employ people who are not experienced enough in this field. Students in need of money, unemployed, socially disadvantaged people. All this seriously affects the quality of transportation.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reliable company where professionals who love their job and who are careful about other people’s property work. This will greatly increase the chance of delivery safely.


We present you some types of services that our company provides.

1. Handling services.

This is one of the main services provided by our shipping company. It is not difficult to guess that this type of work helps to carry out loading or unloading of goods, with the use of labor or special equipment.

Additionally, the service includes transportation. You can order an office move with movers. This service includes from and to, packaging, loading, delivery and unloading, as well as installation and dismantling of furniture. By analogy, we also make a house move with movers. This is the meaning of cargo handling services.

2. Packaging services.

This service can go in addition to the previous one, since during transportation, it is important to ensure the safety of the cargo, and packaging plays a small role. Although this sounds simple, in fact, professionals should do it. Packaging also has differences.

Depending on the type of cargo carried, different packaging technologies are used. The company is well aware of this, so knowing everything about them is not necessary.

Some types used by our company:

  • Packing in tight bags (e.g. clothing, etc.)
  • Packing in boxes (For safety, fill with foam)
  • Special containers (Special cargo)
  • Bubble wrap (If the load is shock resistant)
  • Boxes with foam (most often very fragile cargo)
  • You should not ignore this, as improper packaging can affect transportation, and it, in turn, can cause trouble. In addition, it will greatly facilitate the move.

3. Dismantling and assembly of furniture.

After successful delivery of cargo, such as furniture, it needs to be assembled, because it is difficult to transport an entire section. Mover and packer service Avondale Estates, GA30002has special people who are engaged in disassembling and assembling furniture. They can be entrusted with this kind of activity and be calm for their property. If you need to order a move where dismantling is needed, you should contact our company with experience in this matter, which has been offering its services on the market for a long time and has a positive rating from customers. Our guys will do everything quickly, and most importantly, in high quality.

4. Turnkey moving.

It can be described as moving house with movers. Sometimes, when moving apartments, people decide: “We’ll decompose everything ourselves, we just need a car to move with the loaders.” In fact, yes – on the one hand, it saves money, and you will add up knowing where everything lies. BUT, the headache here is much more than you think, together with the time spent, it will cost more than to pay for all the services of the loaders, so that the move is as fast as possible and as easy as possible for you. Many people who move often use this type of service, because it seriously saves time and effort.

How does the move take place:

– Assessment of a specialist.

Before transportation, a person arrives giving an approximate cost of moving with movers, dismantling and other troubles. Prices will be different, depending on the number of services, but as a rule they are calculated by the amount of work.

– Relocation plan

Everything will be painted here, from how the move will take place, to what to pack the transported into. It clearly describes the actions for dismantling furniture and large items, what to put where, as well as a list of things so as not to lose anything.

– Choice of transport

After evaluating the specialist, the manager selects the transport that will transport your precious cargo. We have a large number of cars, which allows us to transport everything.

-Stacking things

After the arrival of transport, the laying process begins. Experienced specialists will be able not only to pack things beautifully and efficiently so that they arrive whole.