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Best Tips for preparation for move

A move is not always easy to manage especially when it is a last minute move… here are some tips to help you prepare your boxes in 48 hours!

Your packaging boxes delivered to your home within 48 hours by mover and packer service Atlanta GA30354

Last minute move

Upon validation of your contract estimate and on your request, we deliver free of charge the supplies necessary for the packaging of your belongings: large boxes, small boxes, bubble wrap and tape.

Your time is precious

Optimize your time to move

Optimize your time: before you start anything, allow yourself a few hours to define your needs. There is no point in going all over the place and confusing speed with haste. You will lose energy and time. Make a list of each task to do, you will effectively optimize your time for the different stages of your move.

Little tip:  Set your alarm every hour and take a 15-minute break between each transfer of packaging. Taking an hourly break will allow you to stay focused, efficient and supervise the work.

In 48 hours, you may not have time to put in boxes all the effects of your accommodation, remember to distribute the packaging to each person in your family and favor the distribution of the rooms in your accommodation. This time-consuming step requires the involvement of all family members. Let your children, for example, pack their things, toys, books and trinkets from their rooms.

This will avoid overwork, but above all, several brains are better than one: you won’t have to think of everything! This technique will be much more efficient and quick.

If you run out of space in your new home or it’s not yet available, don’t panic.  The mover and packer service allow you to in most cities.

Prune your plants: to prevent the stems from breaking during the move. In general, the season for pruning your plants is between March and September. Remember to cut them a few weeks before the day of your departure.

Water your plants: for small plants, water them a few days before your move (the day before and the day before the scheduled date of your move). During transport and truck movements, the water can dissipate and damage all the other boxes present. And we all know that water and cardboard don’t get along. For large plants, water them as well as for small plants, but remember to empty the water in the cup before packing.

Prepare and protect your plants: our tip is to prepare the right storage and packaging material to protect your plants as much as possible. To avoid them being subjected to temperature changes and drafts, prepare suitable boxes according to the size of the plants: storage box, plastic boxes, etc.

How long to make moving boxes?

For this step, equip yourself with your small and large boxes, rolls of scotch tape, a marker and / or labels in order to clearly distinguish the contents of the boxes and the place where they will be deposited by the movers. Sort all the items to be packaged by categories such as: “Bedroom”, “Bathroom”, “Kitchen”, and indicating “Fragile” if necessary. Be sure to distribute the weight of the effects evenly in the boxes: remember to store your heavy effects in small boxes and those lighter and bulky in large boxes to facilitate their handling.To avoid all just hiring by mover and packer service Atlanta GA30354

From least useful to most useful

Organize your move

You should start by putting in boxes all the effects that you use the least. Take this opportunity to sort and thus avoid unpacking and storing on arrival objects that you did not want to keep and that will waste your time! Lastly pack the items you use daily so you have them handy during your installation.

 Storage of fragile items

Fragile objects to move

Wrap each glass, plate and any fragile object individually in bubble wrap or newspaper so that there is no contact between them during transport which could cause breakage. Regarding the packaging of your glasses or bottles, prefer barrel cartons which will be more adequate and which will allow better protection.

How to put clothes in boxes

Different solutions are available to you for the storage of clothes, towels, blankets, cushions … you can store them in large boxes, in suitcases, in vacuum bags or put them on hangers in portable wardrobes on D-Day