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Mover Service: All about packing your clothes, instructions for use.

Packing all your clothes can be an obstacle course. This is important work to provide during a move. Here you will find tips on how to pack clothes. These steps will allow you to split the work and also make unpacking easier!

Take out all your clothes

The first step is to take all the clothes out of your closets. If they are scattered in different places in your home, group them all in your room. This will give you a good idea of ​​how much to pack.

Make categories

Mover and packer service DEKALB, GA makes the group all your clothes by categories. Trousers with pants, coats with coats, sweaters with sweaters, etc. This organization is the first step to successful packaging and easy unpacking.

Sort and give

Then review each category of clothing and exclude clothing that you have not worn for a long time. Store these clothes in large shopping bags to give them to those around you or to an association .You will already be released from part of the quantity!

You can also use old fashioned clothes, or ones that have become too small, to wrap fragile items. For example, you can pack the glasses in tall socks. Be aware that you can also use your old clothes to protect the boxes containing your fragile items. Indeed, by putting them at the bottom of the box you will amortize and protect your business greatly. To avoid all this just hire Mover and packer service DEKALB, GA

Do you want to know other tips for efficiently packaging your fragile items? Follow this link: Moving: How to pack fragile objects well?

Sell ​​them

By selling your old clothes on online sites, you will save time but above all you will save for your moving budget. However, be aware that if you want to get rid of your clothes quickly, you will have to adjust the price.

Get a little extra bag

Prepare a bag with the clothes you will need in the coming days. This will save you from having to unpack everything once you arrive at your destination. You will have everything you need for the first few days.

Move your clothes on hangers

To move clothes already on hangers easily, use cardboard wardrobes. Your clothes will remain impeccable and will be easy to replace in your cupboards.

Use all your suitcases

Before using boxes, first fill all your suitcases. Respect the categories that you created beforehand. A large suitcase for all sweaters, a small suitcase for underwear, etc. By respecting the categories you will facilitate unpacking!

Use vacuum bags

To save space and at the same time protect your clothes, you can use vacuum bags (working with your vacuum cleaner). This solution is ideal for large rooms.

Leave clothes in your drawers

If you are also moving your furniture, you can leave clothes in the drawers. Be careful to leave only light things (underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc.) so that the furniture does not become transportable. Remember to secure the drawers with large quality tape. You can also use tensionless that you will pass around the chest of drawers, over one of the drawers and hold the hooks together on the ends. For more security, you can take other tensionless and this time wraps them in the same way around the chest of drawers.

You can avoid such work from hiring the Mover and packer service DEKALB, GA

Pack the rest in cartons

Mover and packer service DEKALB, GA can pack the rest of your clothes in boxes. Pack them well folded. They can also roll some to fill in some empty spaces. Do not take too big boxes; the clothes can quickly weigh heavy.

Pack your shoes separately

Do not mix your shoes with your other clothes, you could get them dirty. For your shoes they can use shoe boxes if you still have them. Otherwise, use classic boxes and stagger your shoes to optimize storage.

Little tip: Are you afraid that your shoes will lose their original shape with the move? Fill them with socks or paper inside; this will prevent them from crushing and losing their superb!

Labelling your boxes well

Mover and packer service DEKALB, GA label your boxes and suitcases well so you know where everything is. For example note the following things: the season, the type of clothing, the owner and the place of storage in the house. Your installation in your new home will be facilitated.