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Additional Moving Services: What types of services offered by movers?

When you think about “moving company services,” you might think of someone who carries a sofa up and down, packs a box in a truck, and takes it to a new home. As you probably guessed, most companies offer additional moving services in addition to the basic packaging. This is just a ticket to help you move smoothly. Before going to the basic package, see what our moving company can do for you.

Packing and unpacking

For the packaging of furniture, you will no longer have to search for packaging. The e mover provides all the necessary tools and the packaging s adapted to each object. Our professional carriers not only have a systematic and organized packaging system, but also ensure that your belongings are protected and safe for your next trip.

Disassembly and reassembly

Large pieces of furniture, electronics, or wall mounted items must be disassembled and packaged before transport. Hire our moving company to save time and annoy your head. We have the right tools and pack all those little screws so that they can be properly returned to their new location like ‎DeKalb Atlanta, GA 30338.

Handling of special items

Trashes, antiques, works of art, wine collections, and so on in your home may need more than normal packing. If you want your precious items to reach your new home as-is, with the help of our mover, you can create custom wooden boxes or other custom packages and take them around. Many companies offer green box options that are easy on budget.


If the timeline does not work as intended, there may be a gap in moving from the old home to the new home. If you get stuck with a longer contract than you need, don’t be bothered by unexpected moving costs and ask the company you’re moving to determine the best course of action. Depending on the size of the gap, it may offer cheaper options and take care of the move, like our storage service.

Difficult operation

There is nothing worse on the move-in day than you will notice that your sofa / bed / closet does not pass through the doors of your new home. Our moving company will help you! Lifting furniture from windows isn’t a big deal for a qualified movers that correctly governs the best way to navigate a situation. It may take some days before they can get back with the proper apparatus, but they will take your furniture to where it fits!

Debris removal and cleaning

If you have a lot of moving or moving to a new home that hasn’t been completely cleaned, the company you’re moving to will take care of it. We remove debris and clean your home for you as needed. Generally, you will need to hire a cleaning job from another company, but you will be responsible for finding and scheduling cleaners.

Our moving companies are well well-appointed to help you in every facet of your move, from start to finish. Choosing a moving company that suits your needs will make moving days a lot easier for new location for example DeKalb Atlanta, GA 30338.

Knowing how to use the right materials and packaging is an important part of exercise. Our package service eliminates stress and is packed by our specialist. They are trained with the right procedures, have the right materials, and pack them in just a few hours to ensure that your belongings can be safely transported. Also, since the packing specialist is a removal specialist, we are considering moving even those who are concerned about the safety of their luggage.

Trust the packaging experts. Our trained and experienced packaging team leverages the skills and skills accumulated from years of business and training provided to our crew to provide the safest transportation.

Moving formulas

Our moving companies offer packages moving among which you can choose according to your needs and your budget. In addition to the formulas presented, you can conclude another agreement with the moving company.

At the start, he dismantles the furniture and then packs it. He takes care of loading and transport. Once you arrive at your new home, he unloads and assembles the furniture and places it according to the layout indicated. For the standard formula, the mover only takes care of the packing and unpacking of heavy and fragile objects as well as their transport. The packing and unpacking non-brittle objects are at your expense.

Then, to the economic formula, the remover is only concerned that the transportation, loading and the unloading, you arrange the removal and the installation of furniture and packing and the unpacking boxes.