Movers in Fulton ATL, GA 30328


Why should choose BestMover and packer service?

Preparing for a move is always a tedious and stressful step, it usually requires doing it several months in advance. We opted for the Mover and packer service Sandy Springs, GA service which ensures this delicate operation.

The Mover and packer service Sandy Springs, GA service is appreciated by those who cannot organize their move for one reason or another and who have no budgetary constraints and by those who wish to entrust experienced professionals with the total preparation of their move.

This service is suitable if you want to entrust us with your entire move, both the packaging and the unpacking of all your belongings. Like the Grand Comfort service, this service offers you the possibility of a day or two of preparation at your home, depending on your volume, by a team of movers.

You will only need to be present on the day the truck is loaded and unloaded to verify the work done and to complete the necessary documents. Even by opting for this turnkey formula, you will still have a few small tasks to carry out that we cannot take care of, such as disconnecting and reconnecting all your electrical devices and appliances. If you are not present and are unable to carry out these small jobs, you may be able to negotiate with the requested moving company.

What is supported by the Mover and packer service Sandy Springs, GA 30328)

  • Placing packaging supplies before the move
  • The preparation and packaging of all your belongings
  • Packing and unpacking household linen
  • Packing and unpacking of books and documents
  • The packing and unpacking of various cartons, materials and non-fragile objects
  • Cookware packaging
  • Packing and unpacking crockery and fragile items
  • Packing and unpacking of clothes on hangers in portable wardrobes
  • Television packaging, hi-fi equipment, dvd player, laser, microcomputer
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture, if necessary
  • The protection of furniture under covers
  • Protection of mattresses, box springs under cover
  • Moving heavy loads
  • Disassembly of kitchen elements
  • Dismantling of curtains and draperies
  • The stall of windows and chandeliers
  • The packaging of the cellar, attic, garage
  • Transporting plants
  • Handling and transporting your belongings in a suitable vehicle
  • Handling on loading
  • Wedging, stowing your furniture in a suitable van
  • Handling on delivery
  • Furniture replacement according to your directives in one handling

What is not included in this service?

  • Packing and unpacking of small laundry and your personal effects
  • Unpacking the cellar, attic, garage
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting hi-fi, IT, video, television devices
  • Electricity or water disconnection and reconnection of household appliances

This formula will guarantee you comfort and peace of mind so that your move takes place in the best conditions.

Mover and packer service Sandy Springs, GA remain at your disposal to discuss your moving project together and to guide you in choosing the service that best suits your needs.

This service is highly appreciated by those who do not have time to pack everything and by those who prefer to leave the responsibility for packaging the fragile to the requested company.

The Mover and packer service Sandy Springs, GA 30328 is also an excellent compromise the company prepares all of your move and the Dynamic service: that or all of your move is at your expense, apart from loading / unloading the truck and setting up the furniture of course.

Mover and packer service Sandy Springs, GA)is perfectly suited if you want your fragile, valuable goods to be taken care of by us. Indeed, we carry out a specific and adapted packaging according to the fragility and the value of your effects. In addition, by letting the moving company pack your fragile belongings (dishes, trinkets, vases, frames, paintings, mirrors …)

You can play the insurance of your mover in case of disaster. Please note, this is not the case for the Dynamic and dynamic plus services for which the packaging of the fragile is your responsibility and in the event of breakage, the insurance may consider that the packaging was defective.

With the Mover and packer service Sandy Springs, GA, all you have to do is pack and unpack all of your non-fragile items, i.e. books and documents, household linen, personal effects, as well as dishes and non-fragile trinkets (kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc.) Don’t worry about your clothes on hangers, we take care of them and put them in portable wardrobes to avoid wrinkling them!