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A  Professional Mover in Your Service

The success of a move is often guaranteed by the quality of the packaging. This is why we offer you superior packaging material. Any move is a laborious, costly task. Those who have already encountered this problem recommend using the services of specialized moving companies. Explaining this choice is quite simple.

Transportation of your belongings with our movers will be faster, better, and much cheaper than arranging a move on your own.

Mover and packer service Fulton GA30324 specializing in the transport of things, office, apartment, country relocations. Our company with vast experience in the field of cargo transportation, competent movers and affordable prices.

At Mover and packer service Fulton GA30324 offer two choices:

1) Complete packaging service, made by our team of specialists;

2) You do the packaging yourself, but with company packaging materials

By opting for our full packaging service, you are choosing true peace of mind. We take care of absolutely everything: from fine porcelain to mirrors to mattresses and non-perishable food, nothing is left behind. We always use new packaging material, and each glass, plate or dish is individually wrapped. In short, it is not only a considerable saving of time for you, but a very safe protection for your furniture, household items and personal effects.

Everything is in the box

Mover and packer service Fulton GA30324 use a wide variety of boxes. Normal; you have a wide variety of items to move. So in order to ensure that nothing is damaged, each box fulfills a specific role: boxes for dishes, boxes for laundry, mobile wardrobes, boxes for mirrors, mattress covers, etc. We can also manufacture custom boxes or boxes suitable for more fragile objects, such as works of art, marble tables or large format televisions, for example.

Who says “boxes” says “rummaging for hours looking for items” … Not with us! We take great care to identify each box at the time of packaging. It sounds simple, it’s true, but most of our competitors are flouting this important step. Finally, for those who prefer not to have to stress during a move, know that we offer an unpacking service on arrival.

We move everything that moves

We deal with all types of businesses: offices, libraries, museums, warehouses, shops and workshops, hospitals and laboratories, etc.

Whether minor or major, whether it is an internal redevelopment, a complete relocation or a move outside the province – in short, whatever the size of your moving project – you will be fully taken care of by our team specialized in commercial moving.

A simplified move

Recognized as one of the most important in the Montreal region, our business moving service is led by experienced foremen, who are far from being their first BBQ. We do not use any employees from external agencies, and are therefore able to guarantee the excellence of our work.

Moving and plants: protection and transport

Plants, like us and animals, also experience the stress of moving. What are the tricks to properly protect them during transport? To ensure the protection of your plants during the move, here are our tips:

Anticipate moving plants

Notify movers

If you are moving with a, ask your technical advisor during his visit to your home if the agency takes into account the transport of plants. Some removal companies do not accept plants in their trucks as they belong to the category of perishable items, since they need special treatment such as mild temperature and water.

Tips and advice for relocating

Are you planning to take your houseplants to your new home, but your garden plants also make you sweet eyes to be brought with you? Wait until the last moment to relocate them, such as on the day of your move.

For all these reasons, we are helping to simplify your move. How? ‘Or’ What? By getting involved from the start. First, we carry out a free analysis of your specific needs: visit to the places of departure and arrival; comprehensive understanding of your realities, challenges and expectations; development with you of a detailed estimate; and planning proposal.

The success of a move is often guaranteed by the quality of the packaging .

Professional resources

You don’t move a full office like a 4 and a half. That is why we have at our disposal a fleet of specialized trucks, including units of all sizes, with 20 ‘and 28’ urban boxes, as well as larger 53 ‘trailers.