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8 things to remember when hiring a packer and mover for a move

Moving in a new direction is exciting, but properly packing things and moving in a new direction can be a daunting task. In many cases many people believe that they can manage this task their selves, but there are a variety of things such as furniture, appliances. In such situations, our qualified packers and carriers can be very helpful in handling transfers in the most professional way in DeKalb Atlanta, GA 30319.

Here are a few qualities you should look for when hiring a viable and effective packaging and shipping company. Learning these simple tips will make your actions cost-effective and ensure peace of mind.

  • Search multiple companies

Talk to at least the top 5 packers and movers about your travel requirements. Request the best options available in the service to move things around. Learn how old they are and their experience. Doing this opens up many options for determining the best relocation company.

  • Always get a quote

Most moving companies offer free quotes to get a quick check of your inventory. The team will also ask for more information about your requirements. Whether you want to move all the elements or leave some. It’s a good idea to have the items you want to take to your new destination. Please request a quote in writing. Avoid obtaining information verbally or by phone, as you can make false promises.

  • Detailed billing

Once you have a quote, request a detailed bill. At the same time, select the services you need for your shift. There are many factors involved in movement such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. If you have a delicate item, talk about packaging fees, such as requesting additional protection and sharing details in advance. Also ask if they have a tax problem. That way, the company won’t surprise you with hidden charges while paying bills. Always check the prices listed and ask any minor questions about pricing. At any time, if the company charges a lower price than other packers or moving companies, ask why they offer that price. Make sure you get a satisfactory answer about quality, as quality is important in relocation services.

  • Avoid contract

When moving, do not accept the agreement or sign blank documents. We encourage you to ask what the document says and read the complete document provided before signing. In some cases, the company may add an additional fee, which is not stated on the invoice, but the documentation agrees. Always read the document carefully and check requirements such as delivery date, delivery address, collection date, etc. for proper documentation we provide all essential detail to our customers.

  • Payment

Check with your packer and mover company for available payment options. Ask when you should pay for the service. It is always advisable to avoid paying large amounts in advance and always pay at the time of delivery. If you pay in advance, ask them for sealed evidence. Full payment before delivery may result in incomplete control of our services or personal effects. Always insist on payment from the bank. This will provide legal evidence of payments to packers and car companies. It also helps you to reimburse the company if something is damaged.

  • POC (contact) request

Please request the contact information of the person in charge. Therefore, if the staff does not arrive at the place on time or is late for service, you can contact the company. In any situation, if the staff does not support the customer’s requirements, the manager can report the problem to the manager and the manager can resolve the problem smoothly and smoothly. And if you’re traveling long distances, make sure your packer and motor company provides 24 * 7 customer support like us.

  • Insurance

Insurance plays an important role in relocation services because moving a valuable property can accidentally damage your valuables. This rarely happens, but insurance is a good thing. You can request a refund for any damage caused to your property. Having insurance services is especially important if you travel long distances. Also, collect all the necessary documentation needed for the move. Incomplete documents may not pass your insurance, and this may result in significant losses.

  • Online review and presence

In today’s digital world, almost every business has a website that enhances its online presence. It’s good to visit their website, check their comments online, and see the customer’s feedback. This will give you a fair idea of ​​what people are saying about their services and what kind of comments they received from their clients. Our company’s website gives you access to services offered by our branches in different countries like DeKalb Atlanta, GA.