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Hire the Professionals for All kind of transports

Competence and know-how for the benefit of our customers. You only know how well a transport company works afterwards. Better to contact moving logistics right away. Our kitchen transport service is friendly, reliable, safe, punctual, fast and good. The way you imagine a service.

Experts for your kitchen transport

Mover and packer service FULTON, GA 30311 is your partner for professional kitchen transport. Moving the kitchen and assembling the kitchen are highly complex tasks that require special skill. Only professional specialist companies can make kitchen assemblies to measure. In Hamburg and the surrounding area only kitchen removals.

Kitchen move

We realize your kitchen move and ensure that your fitted kitchen is properly rebuilt in your new apartment. We help with the replacement of kitchen worktops if they have to be replaced as part of the move. All kitchen removals are carried out by our specialist staff and all assembly work is carried out by our skilled kitchen joiners.

Kitchen assembly made easy

We take over the dismantling of your kitchen, ensure a smooth transport and take care of the subsequent complete assembly. If the kitchen cannot be fitted 1: 1 into the new premises, we can rearrange it. We are also happy to help you connect water and electricity.

We would be happy to examine your kitchen in advance and let you know whether and how it can be transported. is your service partner for kitchen transports in Hamburg and Germany.


Do you need to make room? Moving is a good opportunity to finally make room. But where to put all the things that are no longer needed? No problem! Contact us. We take care of the removal and professional disposal of all objects and you can clear the apartment and hand it to the landlord.

Disposal of old furniture

Old furniture is often too good for bulky waste. They are still easy to sell or give away. But if the furniture only has scrap value, we can take care of the disposal as part of your move.

Bulky waste disposal

Moving means a lot of work and stress. Mover and packer service FULTON, GA 30311 offer you a disposal service so that you do not put additional strain on yourself. We take care of old tables, armchairs, sofas, washing machines, refrigerators and other electrical appliances. We guarantee the careful disposal of old devices and electronic waste. Of course.

We’ll take care

You do not have to worry about the removal and professional disposal of all superfluous objects as part of your move. We take care of that for you. Nothing stands in the way of a timely and swept handover to your landlord.

Caring for plants

After the stress of moving, your plants will have to get used to their new environment in order to be able to start on a healthy basis. To do this, you must immediately take the necessary precautions to adapt them to their new location:

For outdoor plants, you can dig a hole “quickly” and if the temperatures are very low we advise you to cover the roots with pieces of fabric. Remember to water them too and they can survive as long as you can replant them properly.

Our disposal services for you:

  • Disposal of old furniture
  • Disposal of electrical equipment
  • Container services

Moving is a good opportunity to separate yourself from the superfluous, such as old furniture, files or electrical equipment.

Single relocation or small transports as additional cargo

We are happy to take on small furniture transports and small removals for you as additional loads. Together with another order, we will transport your removal goods safely and reliably to your new place of residence. The advantage for us: Our furniture trolleys are used efficiently, empty runs and empty spaces are avoided. The advantage for you: You can save a lot!

Shipping as an accessory

The son moves to another city to study and wants to take his closet with him. The new apartment is finally big enough for the old grand piano from the grandparents’ house. Typical small transports for which it is worth shipping as an accessory pack. If your transport takes place later, we can temporarily store your moving goods until they fit in with you.

Small transports or single relocation as an additional charge

For furniture transports or a small move, we recommend additional loads as an inexpensive move. You can save on small transports if you don’t rent an entire vehicle or book the expensive direct trip.

Ask about our cheap additional loads. Gladly by phone, email or via our contact form and let us know your additional request.