Stress Free Shifting by hiring Packers and Movers

How to control your moving budget and make a cheap move? Discover our practical advice and the best ways to make a successful low-cost move. A substantial item of expenditure in the budget of a home! It is normal to seek to reduce costs, but without neglecting the quality and service expected for a move. How to make a low-cost move?

Is it more economical to move alone?

Moving alone or with the help of those around you is often the first solution considered. But it will be all the more difficult to envisage this possibility, the more your volume to transport and the distance to be covered are important.

Choose the economical solution for a cheap move

Note that moving companies do not all offer the same services and you have the choice between several moving formulas: economic, standard or turnkey. Do not hesitate to request and compare several moving quotes, so that you can negotiate the rates afterwards.

Choose an economic moving service

Many professional moving companies also adapt to low budgets to provide you with quality service and delivery like our company provide services all around Flowery Branch, GA 30542. You can opt for the economical solution, including a truck with driver. The rest of the move is taken care of by you in this case.

How is the price of a move calculated?

It is important to indicate the rates and the service used in a moving quote, to be able to understand the total cost invoiced. Understanding how the services of a professional mover are priced allows you to be able to identify the specific elements on which you can then save. Here are some tips to help you reduce the costs of your move.

 Reduce the volume to be moved:

Volume is one of the main factors when it comes to setting the price. Reducing the number of items and furniture to take away can save you a lot. Sort through your stuff between what is useful to you and what you no longer use. You can also offer or recycle your unused belongings.

 Resell your objects:

Another solution for a low-cost move is to resell your items to partially finance your move. You can easily sell your furniture or objects in a garage sale or on a specialized site online. Know that it is sometimes more interesting to sell your furniture to buy new when the distance to be covered is important or for an international move for example Flowery Branch, GA 30542.

Pack your things yourself:

Professional movers charge you for the packaging service, but you can also opt for the most economical formula and take care of dismantling your furniture and packing your goods yourself. In most cases, the moving company provides you with the moving boxes and packaging necessary for your move.

Organize your move in advance:

Preparing for a move takes time and is prepared in advance. You will thus have a better chance of being able to compare services and quotes, but also to negotiate rates, or even anticipate the procedures and other costs related to your change of residence.

Also be aware that the moving market is a seasonal activity, certain periods such as summer, between May and September, but also the end of the month or weekends are more in demand and the moving prices are therefore higher.

Always compare several quotes:

Move with confidence knowing that you are getting the best moving offer! Compare easily and at a glance the different prices on the market to negotiate the best moving rate. Each move is unique and the rates for movers change regularly. Calling our moving company can also be economical because everything is included in the price!

There are many moving aids in the context of professional mobility. Do not hesitate to inquire with our employer, our works council, but also social organizations, which offer bonuses or help with moving. It can be an additional day off, a moving allowance or a certain amount to reduce your installation costs.


Even if you think you don’t have enough bargaining skills, there is nothing you can do to try to negotiate prices. Real estate agencies, transport companies, surveyors and even moving agencies know where to save costs, negotiate their costs and you could get a significant discount.

 Continue to monitor your expenses after moving:

After the move, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the fever of buying, whether it be furniture, household appliances or other purchases, in order to create a new covering and personalize your home. This period generally involves significant expenses, in order to limit this, anticipate your future purchases and their immediate utility to better spread out your expenses.