Moving Plan become Easy with Best Professionals

A move is an important event which requires great organization and which is sometimes difficult to manage. We opted for the Comfort service in order to simplify the preparation of your move.

This service is highly appreciated by those who do not have time to pack everything and by those who prefer to leave the responsibility for packaging the fragile to the requested company.

The Mover and packer service Gainesville GA Georgia is also an excellent compromise between the service: that or the company prepares all of your move and the Dynamic service: that or all of your move is at your expense, apart from loading / unloading the truck and setting up the furniture of course.

The Comfort service is perfectly suited if you want your fragile, valuable goods to be taken care of by us. Indeed, we carry out a specific and adapted packaging according to the fragility and the value of your effects. In addition, by letting the moving company pack your fragile belongings (dishes, trinkets, vases, frames, paintings, mirrors …) you can play the insurance of your mover in case of disaster.

Please note, this is not the case for the Dynamic and dynamic plus services for which the packaging of the fragile is your responsibility and in the event of breakage, the insurance may consider that the packaging was defective.

What is supported by the Mover and packer service Gainesville GA Georgia 30504

  • The provision of packaging before the move
  • Preparing and packaging your belongings
  • Packing and unpacking crockery and fragile items
  • Packing and unpacking of clothes on hangers in portable wardrobes
  • Packing and unpacking of television, hi-fi, dvd player and microcomputer
  • Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture
  • Protection under covers and covers of your furniture
  • Protection of mattresses, box springs under cover
  • Moving heavy loads
  • Transporting plants
  • Handling and transporting your belongings and furniture in a suitable vehicle
  • Handling during loading and delivery
  • Stalling, stowage of your belongings and furniture in a suitable van
  • The installation of the furniture according to your directives in a handling on delivery

What is not included in this service?

  • The packing and unpacking of your non-fragile belongings including cellar, attic, garage
  • Dismantling and reassembly of curtains and draperies
  • The stall and the replacement of the glass and chandeliers
  • Dismantling and reassembly of furniture fixed to the wall
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting hi-fi, IT, video, television devices
  • Electrical disconnection and reconnection of water from household appliances

With the Mover and packer service Gainesville GA Georgia 30504, all you have to do is pack and unpack all of your non-fragile items, i.e. books and documents, household linen, personal effects, as well as dishes and non-fragile trinkets (kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc.) Don’t worry about your clothes on hangers, we take care of them and put them in portable wardrobes to avoid wrinkling them!

What is furniture storage rental for a move?

In the event that it is impossible for you to deliver your furniture to your new address, such as for example because of too limited space or a date of exit which does not coincide with your entry into your new accommodation, the furniture storage rental is a solution of choice.

A furniture repository is a storage service offered by specialized furniture repository companies but also by professional movers. In general, furniture repositories are warehouses made up of containers that can be made of metal or wood.

Who is the furniture storage service for?

Furniture storage solutions are a service for individuals and professionals. The duration of the rental of a furniture repository can be temporary or permanent, you are the one who decides the rental time.

The advantages of storage solutions during a move

The advantages of furniture storage or self-storage are many. First, they allow you to store your goods when you run out of space, whether for a private or professional move.

Benefits of the furniture repository

Have you just moved and you end up with extra furniture? The furniture repository can allow you to store your belongings and give yourself time to think, to choose the ideal arrangement in your new home.

The advantages include:

  • Storage space: if you need to do work or to secure your belongings while waiting for your move
  • Assistance handling
  • Your goods are stored by professional movers: creation of custom wooden crates if necessary
  • 100% secure service
  • Large brands and professional movers keep your belongings as long as necessary. The fixed amount of your rental is determined from the rental discussion.