The Worst Moving Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

The Worst Moving Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

Avoid This Worst Moving Mistakes

When trying to juggle too many things at once, it is not surprising to make a few mistakes. While to err is human, relocating from one place to another is not the ideal time to make mistakes. In fact, certain moving mistakes can be truly expensive, costing you good money, time, and energy.

To ensure smooth and hassle-free relocation, consider the following moving mistakes that you should try to avoid.

1. NOT Having an Organized Moving Plan

You might feel too excited or nervous about the moving day, often overlooking the importance of having an organized plan ahead of time. Without effective planning, things may fall apart, your moving budget can fail, and you may become panicky. So stop procrastinating and address the important chores first. Streamline the relocation process by:

  • Get started well in advance of the moving day
  • Create a comprehensive moving checklist
  • Identify and dispose of the items that you do not want to carry
  • Request price quotes from different movers
  • Maintain a folder to hold vital documents such as business cards, brochures, receipts, etc.

2. Trying to Move YOURSELF

A common moving mistake that people make is to assume that hiring a mover can be expensive than moving by themselves. Due to this judgment error, you may commit the blunder of relocating on your own without considering that it can be worse from safety and financial perspectives.

To avoid this mistake, it is crucial to identify the cost and hassles of moving on your own – renting a transportation vehicle, packing materials, hiring moving equipment, paying for fuel, performing all necessary paperwork, and covering on-road expenses such as taxes, tolls, food or accommodation. You may also need insurance to cover for potential property damage or personal injuries. And despite investing all your efforts, money and time, you can end up breaking a valuable, the moving vehicle can go missing, and such other instances.

Thinking that you can relocate yourself is one thing, and implementing it successfully is another. So consider your options and only then take a viable moving decision.

3. You DO NOT Research Your Moving Company

Just because the mover appeared first on your Internet search or a friend recommended it does not mean it would be the right choice for your moving needs. And if you do the mistake of not researching your mover, be ready to face serious problems.

To address this issue, it is imperative to verify the reputation and credibility of the moving company. It should hold a license with the Department of Transportation, must be registered with Better Business Bureau, and should be a ProMover as certified by the American Moving and Storage Association.

4. NOT Having an In-Home Moving Estimate

Another big blunder people do is having a moving estimate over phone or email. Movers tend to do this by getting an idea when you explain your moving needs, items to be relocated, where to move, etc. However, no moving company can provide a precise cost estimate unless an expert performs an on-site survey. Failing to do so, you may end up paying much more than what the moving company has given as an estimate.

You may not request in-home cost estimate from all moving companies you contact at least do so for the last 2-3 reputable companies you shortlist. They will visit the site, measure the size and weight of your items, determine the packing needs, and discuss if you want to buy insurance. Finally, they will provide an accurate price quote.

5. Trying to Pack EVERYTHING

We understand! Those heaps of books, clothing, kitchen tools, and other items lying in your attic or basement make you feel nostalgic. But trying to carry all these items with you is a big mistake you should try to avoid. Not only will this leave you disorganized, but can also cut a huge hole in your pocket.

To stay organized and minimize your moving cost, sort all the items that you do not need anymore. Donate these to charities, sell, or dispose of the things.

6. NOT Having Insurance For Your Valuables

To cut down on costs, you are likely to do the mistake of not buying insurance for your valuable items and rely on the mover completely.

There is nothing wrong in trusting your moving company, but having insurance gives you complete peace of mind.

To have a stress-free and pleasant experience, avoid the above moving mistakes and take help of a professional moving company to relocate you in a fast, safe, and effective manner.

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