Moving to a Small Home from a Big One? – Pro Tips to Downsize Effectively

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and cut down the noise in our lives. Gathering unnecessary and irrelevant stuff just to please others is a practice that has become a way of life in the 21st century. Today, several people are giving up their huge homes in exchange for micro apartments to get rid of the excessive clutter and bring peace to their lives.

If you are moving to a small home from a bigger one, you can follow these tips to downsize effectively.

Tip 1: Classify Items Based on their Importance

Create three categories (not more), of all the articles that you currently have. Classify everything that you have in these three categories.

  • Category 1: Untouchable and Important Articles

The articles in the first category are the ones that are close to your heart. You cannot get rid of these articles or put them away in storage as well. For example, a beautiful vase that was gifted to you by your son from his first salary is something that you cannot possibly forget or throw away.

  • Category 2: Important Articles

The articles in this category are important, and you cannot throw them away. However, you can live without seeing them every day. In such situations, you can put these articles away in storage compartments.

  • Category 3: Unimportant Articles

You should get rid of these unimportant articles. Give them away in charity or sell them in a yard sale to make some quick money.

Tip 2: Carefully Assess the Storage Space in the New Home

The modern-day micro apartments look small; however, they are not always physically small. In fact, these apartments sometimes have more storage space than the large villas. Carefully assess the storage space in your new home and plan the segregation of important articles accordingly. If you have too much important stuff, you might want to rent a different storage space for the same.

Tip 3: Get Rid of the Unimportant Decorative Stuff

When you are packing for shifting into a small home, you will come across a lot of unnecessary decorative stuff like photo frames and fragile articles. In such situations, get rid of the space-consuming articles like the frames, and keep the photographs in an album.

These tips will help you lead a more clutter-free, clean, and minimalistic lifestyle when you move from a big home to a smaller one. Always hire professional movers who can help you move from one place to the other effectively.

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