How to Save Money on Your Move

Moving is a nightmare that lists as one of the top three life stressors only behind losing a partner and getting divorced. Not only because of the odd jobs but also because moving is expensive.

Don’t stress out as these following tips might save some money on the move.

1: Declutter the Home

Moving is the right time to dejunk your home. Throw away unnecessary things, including clothes, useless electronics, furniture, etc.

2: Calculate your Taxes

Take optimum advantage of tax deductions when you move. If you are moving for you, it is tax deductible. If you reject few things to declutter the space, donate those items for a tax deduction. Understand the nitty-gritty of property taxes.

3: Get Free Boxes

You can get free boxes from retailers. There are plenty of retailers is recycling cardboard boxes. You can visit the local Walmart or Target and request them to give you a few remaining boxes. That saves a lot of money.

4: Use Newspapers for Wrapping

Chuck bubble wrap! Use newspapers for wrapping. Though bubble wraps are not expensive, you have to buy a lot for wrapping the load. Why would you do that?

Newspapers are much better, lighter, and cost-effective packing material that provides adequate cushioning. They are environment-friendly too.

5: Buy your Supplies

Instead of purchasing essential supplies from professional moving companies, get your supplies from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Make sure you are ready with everything. Buying from the moving company may add on to the cost.

6: Use Old Blankets to Wrap Furniture

If you thought of tossing the old blankets, think again. You can use them to protect furniture pieces like tables, chairs, and nightstands. Drape them in blankets for cushioning, and for cutting the cost of the moving company.

7: Get Quotations for a Portable Storage Unit

If you are not moving too many items to a long distance, you may consider portable storage containers. They provide greater flexibility with moving instead of big trucks. You can also hold on to the portable storage container for some time and unload your belongings at your own time and pace. The initial cost of this type of container may be expensive, but it pays off.

8: Pack Electronics in Original Package

Did you save old boxes of electronic items?

Use them to pack your electronics for moving. If you saved the foam padding too, it’s better. In addition, you have to find one box less.

9: Get Cleaning Supplies from Dollar Store

Visit the Dollar Store to get all your cleaning supplies. You can save a lot of money when you buy supplies from the Dollar Store instead of the regular grocery store.

If you know anyone is moving, share this with them.